Jaguar Cars - Jaguar crossbow

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i purchesed a crossbow from fingerhut in 2010 i recently put it to gether this Feburary and i was shooting in an indoor range, when on my fifth shot as i was setting the string the crossbow broke right at the rifle grip above the trigger.Not only was i embarresed,but to my supprise that would happen, i have used other crossbows and never had this happen, the archery store said its was a defect in the bow.

please help i only used five arrows out of e-mail

i await any help you can give.


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Jaguar Cars - 1996 Jaguar Problems

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My 1996 Jaguar XJ6 Vandenplas has a few problems that a car of this caliber should not have:

1. The rear view mirror is a self dimming type, however something has leaked and it is not clear. This shouldn't happen to a 13 year old car.

2. The dashboard lights go to off when the adjuster is only 1/2 way down. Again, a 13 year old car shouldn't do this.

3. The power adjustible steering wheel has some play in the vertical adjustment. Again, a 13 year old car shouldn't do this.

I think a Jaguar shouldn't start to have problems like this for at least 20-25 years. I feel they should fix the car for me at no charge.

Thank you.

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If those are your only complaints about a 13 year old Jaguar, consider yourself lucky.

Heck -- If those are your only complaints about ANY 13 year old car, consider yourself lucky.

Jaguar Cars - Jaguar s-class repairs


I own a 2003 jaguar s-class. the quantity of cost of repairs are staggering to own this poorly constructed car. At 57k miles, here is the list of repairs and cost from a dealer:

-left rear brake caliper $991

-replace front and rear brakes and rotors: 1270$ and this is the second time for this. The rotors need replacement at each brake change--outrageous.

-trans shifter sticks when car parked on incline: $124 and second time paying for this item.

-coil wires to 3 &6 need replacement: 1100$, had to replace #1 earlier.

-sway bar bushings: 644$

-verticle links excessive play: $1600

-rear tie rods worn: $742

Is is outrageous that at $40-50k car is such a dog and whose value after 5 years in service is down to $13000 per Kelly's trade in value.

Not surprising Ford and Jaguar are having difficulting competing.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #741228

It has been a dream of mine to own a Jaquar.The 2003 S Type!

Many people tell me it would cost so much in maintenance and repairs that I could not afford it.

I am a middle class american.Does anyone have any advice for me?


Why did you have it done at the dealership?Most of these parts you should be able to get at autozone for much cheaper.

There are repair manuals for your car available on ebay, so if you take advantage of that and are willing to do some labor, it should be much cheaper.

If not, just about any repair shop should be able to take care of most of those for you.I have an xjr and have been able to take care of every problem myself.

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